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If you’re not having your cases investigated today, you don’t know what the results a good surveillance investigation can do.  We urge you to think about “the numbers.”  Cases today are no longer 100K of the yester years.  Personal injury cases seem to start in the several hundred thousand or just a few MILLION dollars.  When you put your cases in this perspective or terms, surveillance is only .02% of the total cost of the potential claim.  We can not tell you how often our surveillance results end up in quicker case resolutions, settle, or the jury awards them nothing like they’d hoped.  So when it comes to surveillance we urge you to consider the cost of the claim and the cost to follow up.  If there are a few untruths uncovered, it has all been worth it and if the person is injured, you know the claim is valid.  At that point, it’s the cost of doing business.

Workers compensation claims are on the rise, more cases equal more fraud.  Period.  Put yourself in the shoes of the claimant.  They’re unhappy employees and are often times mistreated or they are simply unhappy individuals due to the increased cost of living.  Sadly, these are just a few scenarios that should be investigated.  Our San Diego Private Investigators will do what we do best, perform surveillance.  If warranted, we can take statements, and with a few days of surveillance and records searches for follow up, results are inevitable.  Workers compensation fraud is so rampant, that employers are fighting for themselves by hiring us to help support their suspicions.  Or the insurance companies are too busy to see all of the red flags and that leaves the employer to take matters into their own hands. 

Child Custody cases are extremely volatile and require a San Diego Private Investigator’s experienced surveillance techniques.  These case files range from parents who simply lie about income and or their ability to work, restraining order violations, and or alcohol abuse.  Our expert surveillance investigators will get these parents to work and or capture the restraining order violations on video!   Our videotape evidence and declarations will help your attorney demonstrate to the court that there is a need for a reevaluation of the current situation.

Cheating Spouse surveillance are not only sticky business but they too can be big money.  Today its been learned that now the spouse will file a claim of sorts too.  Not only do they want money for running the household for years, they now are “injured” on top of it.  This injury doesn’t allow them to perform or earn a living as they should.  So back to the infidelity itself, no!  No, you do not need video proof of a cheating spouse, you can simply divorce them.  However, the video can come into play to show the courts the individual is lying.  This takes some time, money and strategy with your divorce attorney.  When done properly, it’s all worth it in the end.

Surveillance is also for scenarios of untruths or to unveil the unknown.  Paramount Investigative Services gets cases of all sorts; follow sales reps during their daily routs, to locating and providing the police with indisputable video evidence. 

A quick example of surveillance being worth it and why you should hire Paramount Investigative Services. 
Just last year we saved one client three million dollars in two days.  The crazy thing about this case was that “they” (the insurance adjuster and the lead attorney) had no intention of performing surveillance again.  Sadly, they had hired another team a year ago and only got video of the claimant walking across the street.  The video was lack luster and that’s why the “team” was reluctant to take another shot at it.  Picture this, they were in trial and the claimant was moaning and groaning so loud & poorly that the second attorney grew tired of the claimant “putting on a show.”  They reached out to us to follow him home and over the weekend.  Trial was to resume the following Monday.  What do you think happened?  We ended up getting videotape of this person climbing onto his roof and lifting a 90Lb roofing paper roll.  He then shopped at Home Depot and CLIMBED the shelves!  Yes, we got all of this on video.  Keep in mind, this was literally one day after he testified in court that he could hardly walk, couldn’t sit for long periods of time, and couldn’t lift anything over 3lbs!  That Monday we went to court and testified for the next two days.  The jury later came back with “Zero dollars!  Yes! Zero!  And they were asking for 3 MILLION dollars.  

If your attorneys don’t think surveillance is worth it or useful, its because they themselves don’t know how to utilize surveillance investigators properly.  At PIS, we can not tell you how often we get amazing video to later find out, that the attorney showed their hand too soon, or the deposition that was taken was horrible.  Sadly, it’s easy to blame the surveillance investigator but the fact is, it’s the attorneys job to properly strategize.  Attorney’s please don’t feel beaten up.  Luckily for you, PIS is here for you and your clients needs. 
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